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Why Balloons, not flowers for a Birthday Event?

The trend of birthday has been totally changed from wearing new clothes and getting blessings from elders to balloons celebration. For any birthday/ anniversary/ welcome/ baby shower/ candlelight dinner/ apology and whatnot. The first thing that comes into mind when we talk about birthday decoration is balloons. 

Why do we use Balloons?

Balloons are used to have fun but to be honest they represent our dreams and goals. As for how we let the balloons go to air, they represent how the past is dealing with us. And it also reveals the freedom of life when we leave them to air. 

Apart from these beliefs, they create ultimate fun. Even an 80 years old man loves to play with balloons to create some fun playing with their grandchildren. 

What does Balloons mean?

Balloon means joy, unlimited fun, and it also means that they can speed up a newly started business. If you have seen a newly opened car showroom or bike showroom, you can find a bunch of balloons hanging to the roof.

You hold the balloons in your hand and let it go off to the air. In the same way never hold your problems too long in your hand, let them go away. A flying balloon indicates the good time so let it go.

A red balloon represents your passion not towards your work but for a specific person. Finally, red balloons represent your love and determination for the one you wish to spend the rest of your life with.

A Blue balloon tells about the peace and most of the kids function have more of these colors. Kids have no anger or selfishness and everything is pure from their side. It also reveals your approaches to bring peace in your life.

A Pink Balloon also represents the relationship and it means that your dreams are to the sky.

A Black balloon symbolizes the hard times of your life and make your to get back to normal.

A White balloon is an excitement that pushes to be pure and perfect in all the ways possible.

A purple balloon reveals the thanks giving nature for the good things you did in the past without expecting anything in return.

A yellow balloon tells is a suggestion that tells you to move on to begin your life again fresh. Finally, the emotional drama has come to an end to begin a new phase of life.

A green balloon means someone will be approaching you for help. Be sure to help from your side but never allow them to make it as a habit.

An Orange balloon in your dream says your nature on resting on others shoulders when you need help.

A gold balloon in your happy dream let you know that you are going to have big surprise in coming days.

Each balloon color that comes into your mind has the above aspect to reflect in your life.

Why Balloons not Flowers?

Everyone have a doubt that why balloons but not flowers for Birthday decoration. Most of the event planners near you might have suggest to choose balloon decoration only but not a flower decoration. People assume that balloons create fun for kids who attend the event. But the thing is balloons are the only theme decoration items that add additional coloring to event which flowers can’t in birthday decorations. The positive energy that balloons passes to their viewer eyes is what everyone need.

Flowers catch the beauty of mind but balloons catch the fun in you. Either it may be a person of any age, balloons get special attention whereas flowers don’t. However balloons cannot create that fun in wedding events because the purpose changes. The most common reason behind choosing balloons is to catch the attention of kids, create some joy, spread positive vibes, and make kids and elders to have unlimited fun.



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      Elit sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqul enimd minim veniam quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

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